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Why the US Must Pulverize ISIS Without Mercy

August 21, 2014  •  The Christian Post

Strolling through Jerusalem's historic Yemin Moshe quarter on a pleasant August morning, my ears caught a ringing, melodic sound emanating from within the walls of the Old City, perhaps half a mile from where I stood. This being a Sunday, the sound I heard was the chiming of church bells, welcoming Christian worshippers to morning services.

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Jewish Anti-Zionism? Not in Our Name

August 12, 2014  •  JNS/The Algemeiner

I recently journeyed to Columbus Circle in Manhattan to savor the atmosphere at two rival demonstrations over Israel's military campaign in Gaza.

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The Vanishing Two-State Solution

August 1, 2014  •  JNS/The Algemeiner

Speaking to a British television network this week, U.K. Prime Minister David Cameron bemoaned that "facts on the ground" were on the verge of wrecking the prospects for a two-state solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

Cameron, it should be said, has consistently supported Israel's right to defend itself from the stream of rocket attacks launched from Hamas-ruled Gaza. At the same time, he believes that there is no substitute for a robust, lasting political solution.

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From Heidegger to Gaza

July 23, 2014  •  Commentary

Is there a connection between academic quarrels over the legacy of Martin Heidegger, one of the most influential German philosophers of the twentieth century, and the current conflict between Israel and Hamas in the Gaza Strip?

However spurious or bizarre that question may seem at first glance, an article by Michael Marder in the New York Times suggests that such a link does indeed exist. The source of what Marder describes as the "menacing chill forming around the work of Heidegger" also stalks attempts by philosophers, who work in an atmosphere of "ideological censorship," to expose the nefarious nature of Zionism.

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Against Anti-Semitism, Self-defense is No Offense

July 22, 2014  •  JNS/Sun Sentinel

The debate about whether Jews have a future in Europe has once again surfaced, as Israel's Operation Protective Edge gained momentum in response to Hamas rocket attacks from Gaza.

The two issues are connected for a simple reason: on July 13, a large number of pro-Palestinian demonstrators in Paris decided to attack a synagogue in the French capital, thereby demonstrating that these days, aspiring pogromists are more likely to wear a Palestinian keffiyeh than a swastika armband.

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