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Will Oil Make or Break the Islamic State?

September 18, 2014  •  Gatestone Institute

America's failure to achieve energy independence over the last 30 years has resulted in exponential oil price increases that have hurt our nation. Trillions of dollars have left, and billions more continue to leave our economy to purchase oil from countries that seek our destruction, and to support madrassas [Islamic religious schools] that teach new Muslim generations how to hate -- and worse.

Now, with the self-proclaimed caliphate of the Islamic State [IS] having captured key oil wells in the Middle East this year, foreign oil has become an even more lethal financial weapon-of-choice for those seeking to destroy democracy and further escalate the War on Terror.

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The Danger of Depending on Turkey

September 16, 2014  •  JNS/The Algemeiner

Here's the good news: the Obama administration has finally grasped that the onslaught of the Islamic State terror group through Iraq and Syria needs to be defeated and destroyed. Sixty-one percent of Americans, according to a Wall Street Journal/NBC News poll, agree with the president. At a time when much of the world believes, not unreasonably, that America is in retreat, the administration's willingness to pursue military options and its almost George W. Bush-esque rhetoric regarding the "evil" of Islamic State, as Secretary of State John Kerry put it, is most welcome.

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I'd rather George Galloway was in prison

September 4, 2014  •  Jewish News UK

Ask a foreigner to name a British parliamentarian. Assuming they are able to provide an answer, there's a high chance, especially if that person is a Jew or a Muslim, that the name on their lips will be that of George Galloway.

The 60-year-old Galloway has been a fixture of the British House of Commons since 1987. In that time, he has represented a variety of constituencies, beginning in the Scottish city of Glasgow and currently representing a section of Bradford, a heavily Muslim city in the north of England.

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Why the US Must Pulverize ISIS Without Mercy

August 21, 2014  •  The Christian Post

Strolling through Jerusalem's historic Yemin Moshe quarter on a pleasant August morning, my ears caught a ringing, melodic sound emanating from within the walls of the Old City, perhaps half a mile from where I stood. This being a Sunday, the sound I heard was the chiming of church bells, welcoming Christian worshippers to morning services.

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Jewish Anti-Zionism? Not in Our Name

August 12, 2014  •  JNS/The Algemeiner

I recently journeyed to Columbus Circle in Manhattan to savor the atmosphere at two rival demonstrations over Israel's military campaign in Gaza.

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