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Articles by Ben Cohen

Title Publication Date
Confronting the Politicization of the Holocaust JNS January 20, 2017
Season 3 of 'Trump': Reasons to be Nervous JNS May 6, 2016
Antisemitism and Insurgency Politics Institute of Jewish Ideas and Ideals May 3, 2016
Anti-Semitism, George Orwell, and the U.K.'s Labour Party JNS April 27, 2016
Lies, damn lies, and faculty lies April 21, 2016
Justice for Alberto Nisman and the AMIA Jewish center victims inches closer JNS April 14, 2016
Kerry's resounding Iranian 'success' JNS April 8, 2016
Scholars Against Anti-Zionism JNS April 1, 2016
From Bosnia to Brussels, Europe fumbles JNS March 24, 2016
In Iran, we don't have moderates like in your country JNS March 2, 2016
Ilan Halimi, 10 years on: Jewish Lives Matter JNS February 25, 2016
Who cares if Bernie Sanders is Jewish? JNS February 11, 2016
BDS after the boycott JNS February 4, 2016
Iran: from cover-up to make-it-up JNS February 1, 2016
Anti-Semitism in 2016: Global Challenge Lacks a Global Strategy JNS/The Tower January 21, 2016
The humiliation of America JNS/The Algemeiner January 14, 2016
Israel keeps keen eye on the four powers JNS/Cleveland Jewish News January 7, 2016
Zionism's Philosopher-King Wall Street Journal January 6, 2016
On the Middle East, Obama and Trump are closer than you think JNS December 10, 2015
Chavismo's Last Gasp? Commentary December 8, 2015
Answering Hatred with IsrAction JNS December 2, 2015
How Terrorism's victims are Responding JNS November 25, 2015
Dancing in the Moonlight JNS November 19, 2015
The Jewish People - 50 Years From Now Commentary November 16, 2015
More Wishful Thinking on Iran JNS November 12, 2015
Anti-Zionism is Racism JNS/Cleveland Jewish News November 10, 2015
It's Official: BDS is Hate Speech JNS/Sun Sentinel November 3, 2015
The Mufti and the Holocaust, Revisited JNS/The Algemeiner October 23, 2015
Kerry Falls for the Big Lie JNS/The Algemeiner October 16, 2015
Intifada or Not, Palestinians Have Anger Without Leadership JNS/The Algemeiner October 8, 2015
The Palestinian Endgame? The Tower Magazine October 7, 2015
Argentine President "Took Bribes" from Iran Over AMIA Bombing, New Documentary Claims The Tower October 6, 2015
Mahmoud Abbas has a Nightmare Vision JNS/The Algemeiner October 1, 2015
Syria Caught Between Barbarism and Civilization JNS/The Algemeiner September 28, 2015
"Iran Executes People, Not Agreements": NY March Will Highlight Western Collapse Over Iran The Tower September 25, 2015
The Truth About the Iran Lobby JNS/The Algemeiner September 21, 2015
The University of California's Teachable Moment on Antisemitism JNS/Cleveland Jewish News September 16, 2015
Global Anti-Semitism Now Has a Leader The Tower September 9, 2015
Why the Arafat murder myth will stay alive JNS September 4, 2015
Will Iran Deal Waverers Agree to a Filibuster? The Tower September 2, 2015
A Crime That Echoes Through the Centuries Wall Street Journal August 30, 2015
Anti-Zionism's Mask Falls JNS/The Algemeiner August 30, 2015
The Return of Bibi Derangement Syndrome JNS/The Algemeiner August 20, 2015
Will Iran Follow the Soviet Example? JNS/The Algemeiner August 13, 2015
Worldwide Anti-Semitism Gets a Boost From the Iran Deal JNS/The Algemeiner August 11, 2015
The Iran Deal's Defining Pattern: The More You Know, The Less You Trust JNS/The Algemeiner July 30, 2015
Hey @TheIranDeal, I Have Some Questions – Actually, Lots of Them JNS/The Algemeiner July 24, 2015
The World's Surrender on Iran Will Doom Syria First JNS/The Algemeiner July 14, 2015
Europe's crisis proves Israel is no 'anachronism' JNS July 3, 2015
Report on Michael Oren's Earthquake Comments Rests on Shaky Ground The Tower June 30, 2015
ADL vs. Oren: When is a conspiracy theory a conspiracy theory? JNS June 24, 2015
With 'Ally,' Michael Oren lifts the veil on U.S.-Israel relations JNS June 21, 2015
Why the Iran nuclear deal is a hard sell JNS June 11, 2015
On the Middle East, France is a tale of two countries JNS June 4, 2015
Say it loud, say it clear: no World Cup for Qatar JNS May 29, 2015
America Deals A Heavy Blow to FIFA Commentary May 27, 2015
Yarmouk and the Failure of Palestine Solidarity The Tower Magazine May 26, 2015
The Legacy of Robert Wistrich, World's Leading Scholar of Anti-Semitism JNS/The Algemeiner May 25, 2015
Will Anti-Semitism Spread From American Universities to American Culture? Mosaic Magazine May 15, 2015
Blaming the Jews, Again Moment Magazine May 8, 2015
BDS movement infiltrates the Virginia State Bar JNS/The Algemeiner May 7, 2015
Devastating Middle East war may start in Yemen JNS/Cleveland Jewish News May 4, 2015
Argentina's President Discovers the International Jewish Conspiracy The Tower April 23, 2015
Prof. Andrew Pessin is Latest Victim of Anti-Israel Thought Police JNS/The Algemeiner April 19, 2015
The Nisman Case and the Whitewashing of Iran Commentary April 13, 2015
Iran Has A Serious Human Rights Problem The Tower Magazine April 11, 2015
The Resistible Rise of Iran: an Interview with Michael Ledeen Fathom April 10, 2015
Sanitizing Iran, Demonizing Israel JNS April 9, 2015
A New Age of Middle East Insecurity JNS/Sun Sentinel April 2, 2015
Obama, Not Netanyahu, is Killing the Two-State Solution JNS/The Algemeiner March 31, 2015
I'm So Bored with the Obama Administration JNS/Cleveland Jewish News March 15, 2015
What's at Stake When Anti-Zionism Aims for Academic Respectability? JNS/The Algemeiner March 13, 2015
A Shameful Attack on Alberto Nisman Commentary March 11, 2015
Blaming the Jews, Again Moment Magazine March 10, 2015
The Resistible Rise of Iran: An Interview with Michael Ledeen Fathom Journal March 9, 2015
Netanyahu nails the fundamental problem with Iran JNS March 3, 2015
I'm so bored with the Obama Administration JNS February 26, 2015
Venezuela on the Brink Commentary February 23, 2015
A dream deal with Iran JNS February 18, 2015
Obama and J Street trading on lies JNS February 11, 2015
Schabas resignation means it's high time to address U.N. bias on Israel JNS February 4, 2015
Getting Antisemitism Wrong at the United Nations JNS/Sun Sentinel February 4, 2015
Europe's Jews Tied to a Declining Political Class JNS/The Algemeiner January 27, 2015
Charlie Hebdo and the temptation of self-censorship JNS January 13, 2015
Can Anyone Help Syria's Refugees? One Woman Thinks So The Tower Magazine January 10, 2015
Obama's 'Islamic Republic' Doctrine: Trust in Iran Creates a Dangerous Mess JNS/The Algemeiner January 1, 2015
Time To Rethink Holocaust Remembrance Day? JNS/The Jewish Press December 29, 2014
A Bad Day at the Office for Nicolas Maduro Commentary December 18, 2014
Ominous Clouds Over French Jewry JNS/The Algemeiner December 15, 2014
BDS Opponents Mobilize Against 'Unrepresentative' UAW 2865 Vote, Citing Bias and Intimidation The Algemeiner December 11, 2014
Don't let Palestinian extremism hijack debate about policing in America JNS/Sun Sentinel December 10, 2014
Tragedy of Mizrahi Jewish Refugees Emerges From the Shadows JNS/The Algemeiner December 2, 2014
NFL Star Reggie Bush Joins With Pro-Palestinian Activists in Co-opting Ferguson Tragedy The Algemeiner November 25, 2014
Overlooked Palestinian terror group returns with a vengeance JNS/Sun Sentinel November 25, 2014
After Murdering Jews in Jerusalem, PFLP Terrorists 'Salute' Anti-Israel Jewish Activists The Algemeiner November 19, 2014
The Iranian Connection? The PFLP and Today's Attack in Jerusalem The Algemeiner November 18, 2014
Deal or no deal? Iran says shut up and make one JNS/Sun Sentinel November 18, 2014
Can the Political Left Tackle Antisemitism? JNS/The Algemeiner November 12, 2014
Palestinian Politics After the Gaza Conflict: An Interview with David Pollak Fathom Journal November 5, 2014
The 'chickenshitgate' fallout for America, Israel, and the Middle East JNS October 29, 2014
EXCLUSIVE: New York's Met Museum Honors Qatari Royal at Private Bash as Questions Over Qatar's Terrorism Financing Persist The Algemeiner October 27, 2014
How Anti-Semitism Became a European Social Movement Mosaic Magazine October 21, 2014
From opera house to House of Commons, Diaspora Jews are the target JNS October 19, 2014
Venezuela's Election to UN Security Council Can't Hide Its Weakness Commentary October 16, 2014
The Fruitful Game: How Qatar Uses Soccer to Polish Its Image The Tower Magazine October 11, 2014
#JSIL: Another Obscene Israel Analogy JNS/The Algemeiner October 7, 2014
Allies and Adversaries in the Middle East JNS/The Algemeiner September 29, 2014
Scottish nationalism, Zionism have their differences JNS/Cleveland Jewish News September 24, 2014
Will Oil Make or Break the Islamic State? Gatestone Institute September 18, 2014
The Danger of Depending on Turkey JNS/The Algemeiner September 16, 2014
I'd rather George Galloway was in prison Jewish News UK September 4, 2014
Why the US Must Pulverize ISIS Without Mercy The Christian Post August 21, 2014
Jewish Anti-Zionism? Not in Our Name JNS/The Algemeiner August 12, 2014
The Vanishing Two-State Solution JNS/The Algemeiner August 1, 2014
From Heidegger to Gaza Commentary July 23, 2014
Against Anti-Semitism, Self-defense is No Offense JNS/Sun Sentinel July 22, 2014
A Maoist in Gaza Commentary July 16, 2014
Abbas, Auschwitz, and Palestinian strategy JNS July 11, 2014
Haaretz Portrays Judaism as the Obstacle to Peace Commentary July 7, 2014
Beware the Bearers of Friendship with Iran JNS July 6, 2014
One Professor's Twisted Definition of 'Scholarship' JNS/The Algemeiner July 1, 2014
Operas you won't be seeing at the Met JNS/The Algemeiner June 23, 2014
Why the Kurds Are a Beacon of Hope in the Middle East JNS/The Algemeiner June 16, 2014
America's Global Dilemma Fathom Journal June 13, 2014
Fatah-Hamas Government Reflects American Weakness JNS/The Algemeiner June 10, 2014
Another Anti-Semitic Outrage on the Dark Continent Commentary May 26, 2014
Is Rockefeller Brothers Fund Consciously Helping to Delegitimize Israel? JNS/The Algemeiner May 25, 2014
Iraqi Jewish Archive belongs in US JNS/Cleveland Jewish News May 19, 2014
The Deep UN: Inside the Infrastructure of Hate The Tower Magazine May 13, 2014
Our Loss is Putin's Gain Moment Magazine May 12, 2014
A Fearsome Test for French Jews JNS/The Algemeiner May 11, 2014
"Punished for Protesting" in Venezuela Commentary May 6, 2014
Misplaced Optimism Over Iran JNS/The Algemeiner May 2, 2014
Global Anti-Semitism Continues to Surge Commentary April 29, 2014
Time to Get Tough With Abbas JNS/The Algemeiner April 28, 2014
Kansas Hate Crime Didn't Emerge From a Vacuum JNS/The Algemeiner April 20, 2014
American Jews Must Wake Up to Anti-Semitism of Hungary's Jobbik Party JNS/The Algemeiner April 14, 2014
Iran's New U.N. Ambassador is Latest Outrage: Will U.S. Take Action? JNS/The Algemeiner April 9, 2014
Maduro's Empty Call for "Dialogue" Commentary April 2, 2014
The Stateless People You've Never Heard Of JNS/The Algemeiner March 31, 2014
Israel's Identity as Jewish State at Heart of Mideast Conflict JNS/The Algemeiner March 24, 2014
The Answer to BDS Bullies and 'Open Hillel' JNS/The Algemeiner March 18, 2014
Putin Plays the Anti-Semitism Card in Ukraine Crisis JNS/The Algemeiner March 10, 2014
Hugo Chavez, One Year On Commentary March 5, 2014
Joining the Start-Up Nation Just Got a Lot Easier The Tower Magazine March 4, 2014
'The Jew Survives It' Commentary March 3, 2014
Israeli Apartheid Week is a Soviet Creation JNS/The Algemeiner March 1, 2014
Jimmy Carter Should Stay Away from Venezuela Commentary February 27, 2014
Obama, Israel, and the Return of Robert Malley JNS/The Algemeiner February 26, 2014
Responding to the J Street Challenge JNS/The Algemeiner February 17, 2014
Maduro Represses Venezuela Demonstrations Commentary February 13, 2014
Boycott or opportunity? You can't have both JNS/Sun Sentinel February 12, 2014
The Anti-Zionist College Ploy Commentary February 5, 2014
The Geneva Deal and Iran's Nuclear Ambitions Fathom February 4, 2014
Scandinavian Circumcision Controversy Proves Europe is the Dark Continent JNS/The Algemeiner February 3, 2014
Europe Woos Iran as it Shuns Israel JNS/The Algemeiner January 27, 2014
Three Ugly Memes About Jews and Israel JNS/The Algemeiner January 21, 2014
France Acts, England Dithers, Over "Quenelle" Salute Commentary Magazine January 15, 2014
Anti-Semitism Links Boycott of Israel to Quenelle JNS/The Algemeiner January 7, 2014
The 'Reverse Nazi Salute' Roiling English Soccer Tablet Magazine December 31, 2013
Hamas Finishes 2013 With a Whimper, Not a Bang JNS/The Algemeiner December 30, 2013
The Answer to BDS is Jewish Power JNS/The Algemeiner December 26, 2013
Einat Wilf Scandal Shows Who Really Stifles Debate on Israel JNS/The Algemeiner December 17, 2013
Venezuela Rebuffs John Kerry Commentary Magazine December 13, 2013
The Phantom Iran Nuclear Deal JNS/The Algemeiner December 12, 2013
Nelson Mandela and Zionism JNS/The Algemeiner December 6, 2013
ASA's Anti-Israel Gesture Politics Commentary Magazine December 5, 2013
Bosnia's Million Bones: A Review The Wall Street Journal December 3, 2013
Circumcision is Under Attack in Europe JNS/The Algemeiner December 1, 2013
Desperate Measures in Venezuela Commentary Magazine November 27, 2013
Egyptian Nazi Scandal Shows Clear Academic Bias JNS/The Algemeiner November 26, 2013
Christian IDF Recruitment Numbers Affirm Israeli Democracy JNS/The Algemeiner November 19, 2013
Norway Moves Against Circumcision Commentary Magazine November 15, 2013
The Obama Administration is Spineless in the Middle East JNS/The Algemeiner November 11, 2013
Jewish museum's obsolete debate on anti-Semitism Haaretz November 7, 2013
Was Humanitarian Intervention A Passing Fad? Moment Magazine November 6, 2013
Iran Nuclear Program: We Only Have Ourselves to Blame JNS/The Algemeiner November 5, 2013
Tennis Deals a Blow to the Boycott of Israel Commentary Magazine November 4, 2013
Saudi Arabia Woes Play Well for Israel JNS/The Algemeiner October 29, 2013
Venezuela's Ministry of Happiness Commentary Magazine October 28, 2013
'Zionist' BDS is a Lie JNS/The Algemeiner October 23, 2013
Norman Geras: 1943-2013 Tablet October 18, 2013
Why Yair Lapid is Wrong on the Peace Process and Israeli Recognition JNS/The Algemeiner October 17, 2013
In Poland, Jews and Muslims Unite - Over Meat The Wall Street Journal October 11, 2013
America's Two-State Solution Fixation Pushing Israel Back to the 'Iron Wall'? JNS/The Algemeiner October 9, 2013
Soccer's 'Y' Word Controversy Tablet October 4, 2013
Iran's Imprisoned Ayatollah Suffers Heart Attack Commentary Magazine October 3, 2013
Ed Miliband Defends His Father's Legacy Tablet October 2, 2013
J Street and the Decline of American Power JNS/The Algemeiner October 1, 2013
Putting the 'Mad' in Maduro Commentary Magazine September 27, 2013
Can We Really Negotiate with Iran? JNS/The Algemeiner September 25, 2013
Who Does Iraq's Jewish Archive Belong To? JNS/The Algemeiner September 17, 2013
In Venezuela, Obama Is Still An Imperialist Commentary Magazine September 12, 2013
AIPAC is Following Obama, Not Vice Versa JNS/The Algemeiner September 10, 2013
Why I Sometimes Don't Fully Hate the UN The Tower Magazine September 4, 2013
Syria Debate Shows our Moral Decline JNS/The Algemeiner September 4, 2013
Roger Waters and BDS Movement are an Embarrassment JNS/The Algemeiner August 29, 2013
Rabbi Sacks on Multiculturalism's Dangers Commentary August 22, 2013
Don't Ignore Syria's Agony JNS/The Algemeiner August 21, 2013
Should Jews Support a Boycott of Putin's Russia? JNS/The Algemeiner August 14, 2013
Venezuela's Supreme Court Dismisses Electoral Fraud Charges "Contentions" @ Commentary Magazine August 10, 2013
Abandon the Syrian Civil War? Isolation is Never Splendid JNS/The Algemeiner August 7, 2013
Putin, Russia and Iran's Nukes JNS/The Algemeiner July 31, 2013
In Venezuela, Chavez Still Haunts Maduro "Contentions" @ Commentary Magazine July 30, 2013
The Plight of Ayatollah Bourojerdi "Contentions" @ Commentary Magazine July 24, 2013
Kerry Must End the 'Israel-is-to-Blame' Game JNS/The Algemeiner July 23, 2013
Is the Islamist Era Over? JNS/The Algemeiner July 18, 2013
Poland Bans Kosher Slaughter "Contentions" @ Commentary Magazine July 15, 2013
U.S. and Israel Must Push for Stability in Jordan JNS/The Algemeiner July 8, 2013
Mr. Rouhani, You're No Gorbachev Moment Magazine July 4, 2013
Nelson Mandela and Zionism JNS/The Algemeiner July 2, 2013
The UK's Spiteful Double Standard "Contentions" @ Commentary Magazine June 26, 2013
Turkey, Amid Islamization and Anti-Semitism, Fit for EU Membership? JNS/The Algemeiner June 25, 2013
Jimmy Carter Gives Seal of Approval to Venezuela Election "Contentions" @ Commentary Magazine June 20, 2013
The Decline of Julian Assange "Contentions" @ Commentary Magazine June 11, 2013
Hezbollah: From Terrorism to War Crimes JNS/The Algemeiner June 10, 2013
Do We Still Need a Special Envoy on Anti-Semitism? "Contentions" @ Commentary Magazine June 8, 2013
More Peace, Less Process: The Key to Israeli-Palestinian Negotiations JNS/The Algemeiner May 30, 2013
Boko Haram's Spirit Comes to London "Contentions" @ Commentary Magazine May 24, 2013
The Church of Scotland's parody of Judaism Haaretz May 22, 2013
U.S. Should Reject Venezuela's Overtures "Contentions" @ Commentary Magazine May 20, 2013
The Church of Scotland's War on Judaism JNS/The Algemeiner May 13, 2013
Stephen Hawking Signs Up to the Academic Boycott of Israel "Contentions" @ Commentary Magazine May 8, 2013
Orban Whitewashes Hungarian Anti-Semitism "Contentions" @ Commentary Magazine May 5, 2013
What is the Motivation Behind Erdogan Visiting Gaza and Snubbing Kerry? JNS/The Algemeiner April 30, 2013
Korea, Iran and the Dual Loyalty Myth The Jerusalem Post April 24, 2013
Venezuela Answers Fraud Charges with Threats "Contentions" @ Commentary Magazine April 24, 2013
Nicolas Maduro's "Hand of God" Victory in Venezuela "Contentions" @ Commentary Magazine April 15, 2013
Sixty years after first Yom HaShoah, 'never again' still has resonance JNS/J-Weekly April 5, 2013
How British Justice Failed Ronnie Fraser "Contentions" @ Commentary Magazine March 28, 2013
Chavez's Absence Emboldens Opposition "Contentions" @ Commentary Magazine March 19, 2013
How the 'Obama and Israel' Debate Misses the Point JNS/The Algemeiner March 15, 2013
Why is the U.S. Honoring Hugo Chavez? "Contentions" @ Commentary Magazine March 8, 2013
Will Venezuelan anti-Semitism die with Hugo Chavez? Haaretz March 6, 2013
The Death of Another Tyrant "Contentions" @ Commentary Magazine March 5, 2013
The Changing Middle East as seen from AIPAC 2013 JNS/The Algemeiner March 4, 2013
The Dangerous Obsession with Beitar Jerusalem JNS/The Algemeiner February 27, 2013
Surviving Stalin's Purges Tablet February 26, 2013
The Strange Return of Hugo Chavez "Contentions" @ Commentary Magazine February 18, 2013
Finally, Photographs of Hugo Chavez "Contentions" @ Commentary Magazine February 15, 2013
What (Not) to Expect from Obama's Visit to Israel JNS/The Algemeiner February 12, 2013
Chavez's Shady Dealings "Contentions" @ Commentary Magazine February 5, 2013
Morsi's Anti-Semitism Reveals More About Us Than Him JNS/The Algemeiner January 21, 2013
Double Standard On Campus Drinking At Northwestern The Jewish Week January 16, 2013
Chavez the Phantom Remains in Control "Contentions" @ Commentary Magazine January 10, 2013
Chavez and the Jews: A sorry tale JNS/Canadian Jewish News January 9, 2013
Iran: A Plea for Respect JNS/The Algemeiner December 25, 2012
Orthodox Rabbi Triumphs in Funerals Dispute Tablet December 19, 2012
The Murder of Birgitta Almby "Contentions" @ Commentary Magazine December 14, 2012
The Disunited Arab Republics JNS/The Jewish Press December 13, 2012
Chavismo After Chavez "Contentions" @ Commentary Magazine December 10, 2012
Turkey Pushes Genocide Denial "Contentions" @ Commentary Magazine December 5, 2012
Time to Challenge the 'Palestine-Firsters' JNS/The Algemeiner November 27, 2012
Turkey's Dangerous Game in Gaza "Contentions" @ Commentary Magazine November 20, 2012
Self-Hatred or Self-Help? Jewish Ideas Daily November 15, 2012
Four More Years of Middle East Noise JNS/The Algemeiner November 13, 2012
The Courage of Ronnie Fraser "Contentions" @ Commentary Magazine November 1, 2012
South Africa's Rulers Line Up Behind BDS "Contentions" @ Commentary Magazine October 30, 2012
Assault From Gaza Highlights Myriad Threats to Israel JNS/The Algemeiner October 30, 2012
The 'Nobel Appeasement Prize' JNS/The Algemeiner October 15, 2012
EU knocks Iran's Press TV Off the Air "Contentions" @ Commentary Magazine October 15, 2012
Chavez Wins—So Does the Opposition "Contentions" @ Commentary Magazine October 8, 2012
Chavez, anti-Semitism and the Venezuelan elections Haaretz October 7, 2012
Cuba Anxiously Eyes Venezuelan Election "Contentions" @ Commentary Magazine October 1, 2012
Candidates: Find Your Inner Shofar The Jerusalem Post September 20, 2012
Undermining the Jews of the Arab World JNS/The Algemeiner September 16, 2012
Nadarkhani Released, but Iranian Christians Still Persecuted "Contentions" @ Commentary Magazine September 9, 2012
Former Maoists Stalk Dutch Election "Contentions" @ Commentary Magazine September 7, 2012
Saints or Sinners? Meet Rachel Corrie's Allies JNS/Canadian Jewish News September 4, 2012
Fighting for Jewish Funerals Tablet August 23, 2012
Lambs to the Slaughter Jewish Ideas Daily August 22, 2012
Julian Assange and Ecuador's Gesture Politics "Contentions" @ Commentary Magazine August 16, 2012
Sinai offensive is no reason to trust Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood JNS/Canadian Jewish News August 14, 2012
Chavez's Latest Tool for Voter Intimidation "Contentions" @ Commentary Magazine August 7, 2012
Anti-Semitism is toxic, whether intentional or not Haaretz August 2, 2012
Obama and Israel: Degrees of Separation JNS/Jewish Journal Los Angeles August 1, 2012
Report: Precious Little Religious Freedom "Contentions" @ Commentary Magazine July 31, 2012
The Religious Silence on Christian Persecution The Wall Street Journal July 30, 2012
Hugo Chavez: "Let Them Drink Juice" Contentions at Commentary Magazine July 23, 2012
Europe Raises the White Flag JNS/The Algemeiner July 18, 2012
First They Came for the Bahai's... Contentions at Commentary Magazine July 17, 2012
Evil and Id Jewish Ideas Daily July 11, 2012
The Real Challenge in the Middle East is Ideology JNS/The Jewish Week July 2, 2012
Attacking Israel Online Commentary July 1, 2012
Fallout from Shalit Deal Continues to Divide Israelis JNS/Canadian Jewish News June 19, 2012
Sowing Hatred in Venezuela Tablet June 13, 2012
Euro 2012: The Bigoted Game? Ha'aretz June 6, 2012
Syria: More Leading from Behind JNS/Jewish Journal Los Angeles June 4, 2012
Nadarkhani and the Iranian Masters of Deception JointMedia News Service May 21, 2012
Labor Pains Jewish Ideas Daily May 16, 2012
U.S. academic controversy could shed light on future of anti-Semitism studies Ha'aretz May 14, 2012
Vidal Sassoon, Streetfighter Tablet May 10, 2012
South Sudan is a Jewish Cause JNS/The Algemeiner April 25, 2012
'Boycott Israel,' the Movie—Starring Emma Thompson The Algemeiner April 10, 2012
Scholarship and Anti-Semitism at Yale Jewish Ideas Daily March 26, 2012
Pinkwashing? Try 'Progwashing' JointMedia News Service March 25, 2012
The future looks bleak for Middle East Christians Ha'aretz March 22, 2012
Another Flotilla Looms, This Time on Land JointMedia News Service March 12, 2012
Defining "Mildly Islamist" JointMedia News Service February 27, 2012
The Big Lie Returns Commentary January 23, 2012
Iran is an Enemy. That Doesn't Mean Turkey is a Friend. JointMedia News Service January 17, 2012
Obama Administration Excoriates Israel...Again JointMedia News Service December 12, 2011
Iran's Nuclear Challenge Reaching Point of No Return JointMedia News Service November 14, 2011
John Mearsheimer And The Scandal That Wasn't The Jewish Week October 19, 2011
Evaluating the Gilad Shalit Deal JointMedia News Service October 17, 2011
Palestinian UDI Campaign Exposes Israel's Harsh Reality JointMedia News Service October 4, 2011
Facing Execution for the 'Crime' of Being a Christian in Iran Fox News September 28, 2011
The Fight for Rights: Challenge to the UN's Hatefest New York Post September 21, 2011
Roger Cohen Discovers Antisemitism Pajamas Media August 24, 2011
Hungary's Anti-Semitic Double Standard Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty July 25, 2011
Criticizing BDS is Not Enough; Jello Biafra Should Play Tel Aviv Pajamas Media July 1, 2011
Can Academia Ever Ignore Politics? The Forward June 21, 2011
Yale Downgrades Antisemitism Scholarship Pajamas Media June 8, 2011
Soccer's Biggest Team Sells Its Soul to the Oil Sheikhs Pajamas Media June 2, 2011
The Appeasers of Ratko Mladic Pajamas Media May 27, 2011
Burns Night for Israel: Scotland's Literary Shame Pajamas Media May 26, 2011
An Iranian Suicide The Huffington Post May 4, 2011
Bin Laden's Death and Iran's Response The Propagandist May 2, 2011
Time to Reset the Human Rights Agenda The Huffington Post March 20, 2011
Gadhafi and the LSE: A Cautionary Tale The Huffington Post February 22, 2011
Bahrain: The Missing 'A' Word The Huffington Post February 17, 2011
Don't Forget Iran The Huffington Post February 2, 2011
America Needs To Get Bolder Now The Jewish Chronicle January 28, 2011
Why Some Jews Don't Speak Arabic The Cutting Edge January 11, 2011
"The Second Time As Farce": Lebanon's Al Akhbar Newspaper The Huffington Post December 30, 2010
The PA's Choice: Palestinian State or Palestinian Cause The Huffington Post December 17, 2010
Another Israel Divestment Hoax The Huffington Post November 19, 2010
UNRWA Shames Andrew Whitley The Huffington Post November 5, 2010
The Palestinians and Israel: Just Say No The Huffington Post October 28, 2010
Rethinking Israeli-Palestinian Talks The Huffington Post October 12, 2010
Press TV: Ahmadinejad's Mouthpiece The Huffington Post September 21, 2010
Iranian Human Rights Advocate Faces Execution Threat Amid Indifference The Huffington Post September 1, 2010
Anti-Zionists Plumb New Depths: Cliona Campbell's Story The Huffington Post August 19, 2010
A Deadly Game in Lebanon The Huffington Post August 3, 2010
What Antisemitism Is (And Isn't) The Huffington Post July 30, 2010
Omar al Bashir and the Problem of Whataboutery The Huffington Post July 20, 2010
Libya Launders its Reputation The Huffington Post July 12, 2010
Progressive? Then Don't Boycott Israel The Huffington Post June 25, 2010
The Hezbo(ti)lla The Huffington Post June 18, 2010
Iran: The Final Test for the UN Human Rights Council The Huffington Post June 10, 2010
Evaluating Muslim-Jewish Relations in Britain Jerusalem Viewpoints February 1, 2005
The Persistence of Anti-Semitism on the British Left Jewish Political Studies Review October 2004

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